Why Most Local News Is Embarrassing: Conan O’Brien And Team Coco

This is a pr firm’s dream…as @ConanOBrien and @TeamCoco humorously point out.

Send out a press release on a study and have news stations everywhere look at it and go —“Hmm…this sounds like a good story. Most of our viewers have kids, so it is relatable to our audience.” AND THEN read it verbatim on the the air. Members of Congress send this stuff out all the time. It’s called talking points.

Yep, just cut and paste. Hate to say it, but it happens all the time. One would hope that somewhere in the story it was revealed where the info came from and WHO backed the study.

By the way, this is public relations child’s play, no pun intended. The media is easily manipulated. Remember, it’s this big monster which has to be constantly fed. Constantly. Like a growing 15-year old boy who has that locust gene.

If you want to see how the networks are manipulated in a humorous and a “holy shit, really?” kind of way, read “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” by @RyanHoliday . You’ll never look at anything in the media the same way again. It’s a great read.

In all my years of being on camera and in many newsrooms, I’ll leave you with one piece of advice: If something is in the news and you are watching it on tv, (and it can be entertainment news, biz news, etc), ask yourself, “Why is it there?” More often than not, the answer will surprise you.

One thought on “Why Most Local News Is Embarrassing: Conan O’Brien And Team Coco

  1. A child’s happiness is priceless, especially on a birthday. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if that is how it is the majority of the time.

    I’ll have to check out Trust me I’m Lying. Thanks!

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