Wow! Just Came Across This…The First Ever Public Performance of..

Ah, The Off Ramp in Seattle. I grew up just outside of Seattle and made many a trek to the city back then to do the “10 for 10″ –Ten bands for Ten dollars in Ten clubs in Pioneer Square. Obviously, The Off Ramp was not in Pioneer Square, but it was part of an amazing time in the city.

I was never able to see Pear Jam before they were PJ or before they were known to the world. In this video they weren’t even Mookie Blaylock…their name before PJ. I did see Nirvana before they were known, in a club in Tacoma called Prositos or Prositios on 6th ave. They sucked and nearly beat the shit out of ¬†each other. But my friend saw them a week later and they were amazing. That was what it was like in the Puget Sound area back then. From Olympia to Bellingham…we would drive hours to see some band that one of our friend’s friend of friend had said was awesome. More often then not, they weren’t. But if you put in the time, once in a while you’d come across a gem.

It happened to me just a stone’s throw from the Kingdome. Heard a band just come roarin’ out of a club…their sound that is…and above the overwhelming loudness of the band…was this incredible voice. My buddy and I couldn’t believe a voice could rise above the band’s sound

I can’t remember the club…might have been the Central Tavern…but we walk in and it’s hotter than hell…packed..and there is this shirtless dude with long hair…jeans and boots on stage just belting it out. Never mind our ears were bleeding. Unfortunately, they finished just three songs later. We walked out, ears ringing, and asked the bouncer who the band was…he didn’t know..and had to look at his lineup sheet. He points to a name —Soundgarden. My buddy and I looked at each other an he had a great line…”More like Soundbleediin’…so f’in’ loud but that singer was awesome.”

Anyway, I won’t bore you with more stories from back in the day…but thought you’d enjoy this rare, one-of-a-kind Pear Jam first-ever performance video.

Shout out to Hesoos via YouTube for finding these and more PJ rarities.

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