TONY POTTS: Best Damn “Spiritual” Oscar Predictions!!

So, the wife and I had a short break, 1hr,  while we were in Sedona, Arizona and being so enamored and inspired by all the spirituality and energy everywhere around us, I decided to seek out Sedona’s best when it comes to bringing energy and spirituality together. And that’s how I met Tao Master Banya.

People come from all over the world to visit Tao Master Banya in Sedona at Sedona Story. In fact, a current Oscar Nominated actor made the trek to this spiritual and energentic part of the world to see her. She uses 10,000 year old Chinese tradition to guide people into the future they’ve always wanted…

So, I figured, since the Oscars are around the corner…and she’s privately counseled an Oscar Nominated star…let’s get her to predict the Oscar Winners!!

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