TONY POTTS: Want To Make Your Life Easier? It’s Easy…It’s In Your Phone!




It’s funny, but just like our computers which have so many more features than we will ever use, the phone in your hand is the same situation. My mom loves her MacBook. Apple has stuffed it with sooooo many things she can do. What does she do? Checks email and surfs the news sites of the world so she can get riled up about the “rapidly deteriorating state of the world…a world gone to ‘hell in a hand basket’, Tony. ” I have never understood why “going to hell IN a hand basket” would be any worse than just going to hell. Apparently it has to do with some sort of beheading….the head fell in the hand basket…clearly the man was going to hell and now, inexplicably, the vehicle was a hand basket. It was 1714. Maybe that explains it. 

But back to my mom and you. My mother occasionally downloads pictures…altho not without some sort of painful call to me…and that’s pretty much how she uses the MacBook. It’s like our brains, using 5% of total capacity. 

Well guess what kids? Many of us use just about the same 5% with our phones. Altho, I do feel by virtue of incessant proximity we are being forced/nudged into using our phones as a 24/7 attached-at-the-hip computer. I’d bet u dollars-to-donuts (where did THAT saying come from?) many of you use your phone as a “phone” less than you do for all the other trillion things it can do. 

One of my favorite apps, in this area of making my iPhone my iEverything, is TurboScan. Open the app, take a picture and boom! it’s a pdf. Also, I can then take that pdf and open it with my SoftSign app and, with my finger, sign my name, tap ‘send’ and boom!2, my signed document is off to its destination. Oh, and SoftSign saves the signed document as well so when that dip-shit bank loan officer loses your documents yet again, you can boom!3 that sob. Not that I’ve done that…I actually used my finger for something else in that instance.

So…with that in mind…here are a couple of cool suggestions for cool things you can do to make your life a little easier…plus one very obvious one for when you park in a parking garage and can’t figure out where the hell you parked. 

Hopefully, it’s not in a hand basket.

5 Ways to Be More Productive With Your Smartphone [VIDEO].

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