TONY POTTS: Gone!! Twinkies and More–The Hostess Snack Innovations We’d Miss the Most

Like many of you, I was shocked when I heard the rumblings that Twinkies would be gone forever. Not shocked in a horrific way….more of a “Holy Shit, really?” kinda shocked.

The Hostess company made Twinkies and so many more snacks…I loved Ho Ho’s and Zingers. But either way you bite it, these were probably some of the worst snacks, nutritionally, you could stuff in your pie-hole. But, man, when you’re a kid (or a big kid who’s never grown up) and you take a bite of a chocolate Zinger or Ho Ho’s et al, that’s heaven.

Add in playing Donkey Kong at the local 7-eleven and a stack a quarters and NOW you’re talkin’!

Link below will show you all of Hostess’ icon products in all their glory. RIP Hostess!!

The Hostess Snack Innovations Wed Miss the Most.

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