TONY POTTS: Incredible Video of An Emotional President Obama: Sheds Tears Addressing Staff After Big Win

President Obama: “I’m Really Proud of All of You.” – YouTube.

“Incredibly moving” and “Wow!” were my first reactions while watching President Obama’s heartfelt and emotionally raw address to his young staff the day after winning the election. (link is below the picture above)

While the president is known as ‘No Drama Obama’ for always appearing so cool –aka ice in his veins — it was stunning to watch him not be the president for five minutes.

To be a regular guy, a boss, really. Standing there before those who believed in him with such conviction as to put their lives on hold (and essentially have no “normal life”) to help him get re-elected, the president seemed as humbled as he has probably ever been. Or, if not, pretty damn close.

To me it doesn’t matter your politics. Doesn’t matter who you supported. If this had been Romney, I’d be posting the video. This is beyond politics. However, this happened because of politics. To paraphrase the Beatles, it was a “Long And Grinding Road”. And you can see how that road became a full-circle, 360-road in the blink of an eye as President Obama stood there and looked at his young staff. In that instant he realized that he had indeed realized his dreams of affecting change, full circle, as it were. Now, those faces before him were on the beginning of their circle.

It brought him to tears.

I heard former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, on Piers Morgan, say, “the moment was unique in the history of the American presidency.” I’m pretty sure that’s true. Although, there may have been a moment like this in Jefferson’s or Lincoln’s day, sans any recording device to capture it for history.

All I have to say is that I’m glad I saw it. Sometimes we forget politicians are human–real people. Without question, often it’s their own fault. Maybe this bit of humanity and humility can carry-over to the “coming together” that is needed in our government. If not, the only thing that will carry-over is our economy over the fiscal cliff.

I vote for humanity and humility.

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