TONY POTTS: My Take On Fear and Loathing, Karl Rove and Karma

Here is all you need to know about Karl “I’m Melting” Rove.

He floated the John McCain “rumor” that McCain fathered a daughter with an African American prostitute. He orchestrated another campaign, accusing Georgia Senator Max Cleland, a Vietnam veteran AND amputee, of being soft on terrorism.

The ads were reprehensible. Karl Rove would do just about anything to get his candidate elected.

My wife often talks about karma. She’s Indian. It’s bound to come up. Karl Rove’s karma has come due. Massive failure in the 2008 campaign. And now Rove’s colossal failure of his $1 billion-dollar effort to elect Mitt Romney et al, culminating in “The Karl Rove Meltdown Seen Live! ‘Round The World”.

If you had wasted $1-billion dollars, not to mention $127-million dollars on more than 82,000 Mitt Romney television spots (according to ad-tracker company Kantar Media’s CMAG) and you were watching it all implode while you’re live on television, you’d have a meltdown, too.

Remember, Rove created the model for so-called outside money groups to raise and spend money –more than $1-billion on these elections. By the way, his two political outfits, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (really? THAT’S the name you picked? Grassroots?) and American Crossroads, saw almost no return for their money.

Rove’s old-school, bare-knuckle, despicable way of campaigning is now irrelevant. His irrelevance (and most of the old, white-guy pundits on tv) firmly cemented in these last two presidential campaigns by a new-age and new technology that has clearly passed by Karl Rove.

Data mining and social media have replaced fear and loathing on the political landscape. I actually think Hunter S. Thompson would drink to that or at least pop an amyl. Fear and loathing and Karl Rove, clearly not mutually exclusive, replaced in one fell-swoop on national television while millions watched Karl’s political self-immolation.

KARMA. Sometimes it burns.

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