TONY POTTS: AMC Smashes Basic Cable Record: Ratings Even Simon Cowell and X-Factor Can’t Get



To show you how much the television has changed in say, just the last five years, all you have to do is look at AMC’s record-breaking “The Walking Dead” and Simon Cowell and his US incarnation of “X-Factor”. I know, you are asking, “What’s the link, here Tony Potts?”.

Here it is: Had I told you in 2007 that Simon Cowell was bringing a huge hit show from Europe to the US and that it’s Season 2 premier episode would be soundly trounced by a show on AMC (freakin’ AMC AND a zombie show???), you would have asked what drugs I was taking.

But that is the state of television/content today. A huge, bloated show like the “X-Factor” and all it’s pretentiousness can’t even hold a candle to Zombies. They’re the Walking Dead for cryin’ out loud!!

Plus, I love the direction of tv/content these days –espesh the strength of cable (love Suits @USA) because viewers…the consumers of this content…are in even more control than before. They’re smarter. They’re quicker to call bullshit, bullshit! and hit social media to rant about it. 

Funny how Simon’s rants back in the day on American Idol attracted tens of millions of views and now it’s the viewers rants that have taken center stage in the form of millions and millions of voices. 

Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

One thought on “TONY POTTS: AMC Smashes Basic Cable Record: Ratings Even Simon Cowell and X-Factor Can’t Get

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